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Please send ALL JEWELRY FOR WARRANTY REPAIR (regardless of the instructions on the warranty card) to:


DPL Designs
Repair Department
115 West 30 Street

10th floor
New York, NY 10001
Att: Teresa

Toll Free: (866)908-0938

If you need to contact Customer Service at Studio Sonia B.:

Call our office


Email our Customer Service Department at


Use the form below:

* Name:
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What diamond quality does Sonia use on her jewelry?
A: Diamonds from Sonia are a minimum SI-H-I quality and above. All gemstones are of premium quality.

Q: Can any ring be sized?
A: Yes, any ring can be sized unless it is an eternity band. Going up or down one (1) size is recommended.

Q: What if my warranty has expired?
A: Your warranty can be extended on the conditions stated on your warranty card.

Q: How long does it take for sizing and repairs?
A: Please allow three to four weeks on all repairs.

Q: Can I buy from you directly?
A: No, Sonia has an exclusive contract with ShopNBC and all items must be purchased directly from them.

Q: Where can I write to Sonia with my comments, questions, or suggestions?
A: Please use the form above. All inquires will be answered within 48 hours.

Q: Where is Sonia's jewelry made?
A: All of Sonia's items are made in New York, unless otherwise specified during the on-air presentation.

Q: What happens when an item is sold out?
A: Use the contact form above and we will try to give you the information on how to order, if the item is available at the ShopNBC outlet stores. We will also contact you if and when the item becomes available again.

Q: What if I have a special request?
A: Please send an email with a picture and a description to

Q: Can I give suggestions, insights or ideas to Sonia?
A: All suggestions, insights, and ideas are welcome. Please use the form above.