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Sonia Bitton, the adored creator behind Galerie de Bijoux and Sonia B, says, "My love of jewels since I was a young girl steered me into all facets of the jewelry business early in my career. There is nothing quite like taking a design concept and turning it into a precious piece of jewelry that only the most discerning buyer can appreciate."

Before "Sonia B.", Sonia says, "I traveled to worldwide hot spots quarterly, including France, Italy, Israel, and all of the U.S. fashion centers to choose the avant garde jewelry trends and concepts and transform them into my designs."

She goes on to say, "From the design stage, I was responsible for all manufacturing and distribution channels. Specialty stores - including giants such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bailey, Banks and Biddle - were regular customers, along with A+ haute couture boutique stores and catalogues."

A woman of many talents, Sonia describes her exciting responsibilities. She says, "As Managing Director, I am responsible for creating and running all aspects of a multi-million dollar high-end jewelry business. I continue to travel the world for the very best jewelry trends, and then turn these trends into ideas and ultimately product that is fitting for the elite clientele."

You may reach Sonia directly at the following numbers:

DPL (Factory): (646)843-0074

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